Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Welcome to Blogging - 2019/2020

We're back at it again folks - ELA Blogging! Today we are setting up our blogs in ELA class so that students can being working on them in class and at home. Blogging is a great way to practice publishing writing and finding a passion you want to share. It is also just a great routine to start that will earn you field trips and prizes this year. Look on Power Learning for the links to your classmates and other ELA class blogs, you can read and comment on other peoples as well. Happy Blogging! 

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

SOL #17 - My New Clock

My New Clock! 
When you get older simple things tend to excite you so pardon me for showing my age today:) For Christmas my mom gave me a clock for my house, its large wall clock that show bought after I said I really like it in a store we visited during Thanksgiving. The clock was made by a company called Howard Miller, they are in Holland Michigan and specialize in clock making. When we first moved to Holland Michigan my mom worked there for about 6 months before she was in a really bad car accident. There is a grandfather clock in my parent's living room thats been there for almost 30 years that I have always loved, it chimes every 15 minutes  which annoys some people but I love it. I've always wanted a fancy clock in my house, now grandfather clocks run like $2,000 and they're big so I knew that was out but this one is perfect! It might not seem very exciting to most but I love it already:)

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

SOL #16 - Paris on My Mind

The inside of the cathedral, I
remember it being so beautiful in
person when I visited. 
Devastating to see such an icon in flames. 
As many of us have heard and even watched on the news yesterday the famous landmark Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire yesterday in Paris France. It was devastating world wide to watch such an iconic symbol of history, religion and beauty be engulfed by flames. In the summer of 2000 I was able to visit Paris and Notre Dame on a two week tour of Europe I took with a high school class group. I remember standing in front of cathedral and listening to its history described and taking pictures along with every other visitor around me. I can remember the day clearly, it was sunny and around 70 degrees. We toured inside and then walked around the plaza and as we circled around the back I remember being in awe of the stonework and especially the different gargoyles statues around the top. It was a beautiful place one that I will never forget.

Notre Dame - Paris France 
I was a history major in college so I tend to geek out and get excited about learning about new places, especially older places with lots of stories. Notre Dame was over 800 years old, that is a lot of history! The reporters on the news were discussing that due to renovations many of the artifacts collected had been removed for restoration but even with many of the valuables removed the building itself was a icon itself. I hope they can rebuild it and restore it the best the can, it will be hard to recreate such a beautiful and historic place.

Monday, April 15, 2019

SOL #15 - GOT Premiere

So is anyone else out there a Game of Thrones fan? If you are and you watched the final season premiere lat night don't tell me because I haven't yet. I am not like a die hard fan but I enjoy it, its a bit bloody and intense but nonetheless I have watched every episode. I won't like fall over and pass out when characters die or when something crazy happens but its pretty entertaining! Hopefully I can find someone's HBO Go password tonight and watch it.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

SOL #14 When a good movie comes on....

Can you guys believe this snow? This is madness! I had to shovel the middle of April...what is going on? Since today was such a bummer I found myself being lazy on the couch with Dottie dog. While I probably had a million productive things that I could be doing, I chose to watch some movies instead. I finally watched A Star Is Born...that was really good but suuuppppppper sad, oh the tears! Then I watched the new Robin Hood which was eh...tonight I was going to be productive but then Dirty Dancing was on and even though I have seen that movie like 20 times I sat back and watched from start to finish!  Sometimes that power of a good movie compels us to do nothing but sit back and be lazy...and you know...thats ok!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

SOL #13 - Glee

You know what show I miss a lot...GLEE! I was recently listening to my Spotify Glee playlist and I was like man I miss that show. I don't watch a ton of TV shows religiously, I am more of a binge watcher or I come in and out but that was one of those shows I turned in for every week. I love music so I really just tuned in for that at first but then every episode I watched hooked me in more and more. My favorite characters were Rachel and Santana but really I thought all of them were good. I love Sue Sylvester's character too even if she was mean to everyone, she had the best one liners that I quote all the time. 

I loved the diversity of that show, they represented difference races, different religion and had predominate LGBTQ characters. There still are not a lot of shows that represent everyone but I think Glee showed you could include everyone and still have a great cast. Now my high school was nothing like Glee, no one broke into song at random times BUT a lot of the stories they told about being who you are and being judged for it I think happen WAY TO OFTEN in a lot of schools. I think that this show showed kids at this age that its ok to be different and you can get past ignorance with the help of special people like friends and teachers. I wish they would put Glee into reruns but luckily you can still watch it on Netflix. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

SOL #12 - Teacher Friends

Yesterday Ms. Zuccaro, a 7th grade ELA teacher, came and brought me a cupcake! There was no celebration or reason for the treat, she just wanted to make them and give them to her friends at school:) There is nothing better than teacher friends and sometimes unexpectedly they brighten your day. This week is a little stressful for teachers especially after the Wednesday Water Main Break! Teachers were almost as worried as our students at the possibility of evacuating the school! Thanks goodness everything worked out:)  When someone does something nice for you its extra special. So even though Ms. Zuccaro may not read this blog, THANK YOU FOR MY TREAT! Happy Friday everyone:)